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What is Model Night?

photos of previous model nights

  • Model Night is an opportunity for artists to sketch or paint from a live model.

  • Artists can bring their medium of choice. Easels are provided.

  • It is the 2nd Friday of each month 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the fee is $15 for the evening, paid by cash or check.

  • We also have a tip envelope for the model, which is optional but encouraged.

  • Permission to take photos is at the discretion of the model so check with us before taking photos or posting them on facebook. If photos are taken then a tip should be given.

  • Space is limited, so it is best to sign up in advance. You may also call the same day to check if there is still space available.

  • We recommend showing up 10 or 15 minutes earlier so you can set up before the model starts posing at 6:00.

  • Artists who arrive after six are asked to set up when the model takes their break so as to not be disruptive to others. If you have to leave early, we ask that you break down during one of the breaks.

  • Most months the model will be in the same pose for the 3 hours, wih 20 minutes posing and a 5 minute break. Occassionally we have a model change their pose throughout the evening.

Please call, write or visit for more information.

Mary Reilly
Creative Brush Studio

8951 Center Street
Manassas, Virginia 20110
(703) 335-8005